Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warrior Stance/Ability Table

To help me figure out my Warrior keybinds, I thought it might be useful to generate a table of abilities and their requirements. This has really opened my eyes to some truths and I will be changing my keybinds appropriately.

For example:
  • Mortal Strike and Bladestorm are usable in any stance. Switch to Berserker for a damage increase!
  • Spell Reflect and Shield Bash are usable in Battle stance (but require a shield).
The most immediate epiphany is to move Mortal Strike off of my Battle Stance bar and onto Q or E (see my keybinding post). Bladestorm will also find it's way to Z or X.

I need some more time to digest this information, but I thought that it may be valuable to share.

The table I generated is shown below. This version has the "boring" abilities removed (shouts, heroic strike, etc) that are usable in any stance. Click the image to see the full table.

(click it to see all Warrior abilities)

Are there any surprises there for you? Is it helpful to see all of this in one place?

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