Monday, May 10, 2010


Druid, Rogue, Mage; Burning Crusade.

Death Knight, Paladin, Priest; unleashing the beast,
Warlock and Shaman; make Arthas appear a layman.

My name is Josh and I'm an altoholic. I never intended to be this way, I just can't help myself. My envy of people with a main character is palable; my self-loathing and lack of focus culminating in a debilitating need to check if the grass really is greener (it isn't).

Ultimately, this becomes a sounding board, a public notebook... a soapbox. For here is where my thoughts become text, my feelings fleshed-out and my battles broadcasted.

Welcome to Mocking Blow.

A brief history, of sorts:

In the before-time, when demons were localized to Felwood and Blasted Lands:
  • Human Priest to 60; raiding UBRS
  • (Male... >_<) Night Elf Hunter to 60; raiding MC and BWL
Beyond the dark portal, where space goats and sexy elves roam:
  • Tauren Druid to 70; feral tank for Kara, SCC and TK.
  • Blood Elf Mage to 70; PVP all the way
  • Undead Rogue to 70; PVP and daily quests
And into the frozen wastelands of northrend where our hero becomes Guild Master:
  • Orc Death Knight to 80; main-tank for Naxx
  • Blood Elf Paladin to 80; healed Naxx & Ulduar, tanked ToC and ICC
  • Undead Rogue from 70 to 80; abandoned immediately after first raid
  • Blood Elf Priest to 80; healed Ulduar
  • Troll Shaman to 80; abandoned due to boredom
  • Tauren Druid from 70 to 80; fell in love with resto during ICC-10
  • Blood Elf Mage from 70 to 80; PVP'd to a 1400 rating and took a break from WoW
  • Human Warlock to 80; DPSing in ICC-25
My most recent undertaking is that of a Warrior. Currently Level 63, this character represents a very real finality in my quest to find the right class. For you see, if the Warrior does not represent the ultimate class I will likely never find peace and an altoholic remain.

This then, is the story of one man, trying to find his place in the World of Warcraft. Oh, and a place for insane rants and a healthy amount of analysis.

Strap in; it's going to get hairy.


  1. I know it's an older post but I didn't think you'd mind ^^

    Welcome to blogging, and the first step to overcoming your altoholism is admitting it ;) That and I'm pretty much the same. Admittedly, in TBC, managed to play my Shadow Priest for most of it, except the 2 months I was a level 80 Warlock, and the other 2 months I was a Paladin.. um.. something, and in Wrath I started as a Hunter, back to the Priest, then back to the Hunter for about a year, then back to the Priest, not to mention the army of alts I seem to be levelling - gah!

    Like your writing style btw! :)

  2. Of course I don't mind!

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only insane, can't-choose-a-main person in the world :).