Thursday, May 13, 2010

Professions for a Protection Warrior

My warrior has hit Northrend and shall be tanking Utgarde Keep tonight; not the pinnacle of achievement (PUN!) but a great milestone for what is sure to be my 9th max-level class. The hero of this story is laden with gold - once he hits Level 70 he'll be levelling up with epic flying.

With the level cap in sight, thoughts shift toward end-game. Blizzard were kind enough to provide a timely preview on professions in Cataclysm.


As a guild master and raid leader it is quite beneficial to ensure that at least one member of each raid is an Enchanter. Although not currently relevant, enchanting materials (especially shards) will be quite valuable and sought-after during the early stages of Cataclysm.

It is very useful to collect and store these shards in the Guild Bank, for use on progression raiders' gear. Keep in mind that you need a visible, transparent method for distributing these amongst your guild. Once you get a backlog of materials, selling the excess can help pad the Guild Bank considerably.

For my warrior, Enchanting offers the following perks:
  • Guaranteed, trusted disenchanter for every heroic and raid
  • Stamina bonus on-par with all other professions (via Ring enchants)
  • Access to a new vanity pet

We're planning to have a Paladin and Warrior tanking team for the beginning of Cataclysm. As such, a dedicated Blacksmith would be very useful; crafted gear will be especially relevant during the early phases of Cataclysm but will remain so throughout.

For my warrior, Blacksmithing offers the following perks:
  • A source of PVP and PVE gear
  • Access to any plans that drop in heroics or raids
  • Two bonus sockets (wrist, gloves) that provide a bonus on-par with all other professions

Hands-down the most profitable profession (alongside enchanting) if you have the patience and apititude for playing the Auction House. People always need gems; PVE, PVP, Casual or Hardcore.

Due to the way Blizzard staggered Jewelcrafting designs in Wrath of the Lich King, guilds should encourage multiple Jewelcrafters, each with their own specialities. Focus on caster gems (intellect, spirit), on dps gems (strength, agility) or tanking gems (stamina, avoidance). Stats such as Mastery, Haste, Hit, Crit and Expertise could be co-ordinated as well.

For my warrior, Jewelcrafting offers the following perks:
  • A stat bonus similar to all other professions via Jewelcrafter-only gems
  • A guaranteed way to make money throughout the entire expansion (both through gems and new vanity items)
  • (Specualtion) access to trinkets and jewelery throughout the expansion

In my position (~ 10,000 gold today) it would be unrealistic to assume that I could level my Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing without either taking mining myself or having a guildmate feed materials to me.

Mining will be extremely lucrative early on, as it will feed Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing. Early expansion mining can be a cutt-throat and hostile environment (read: heaps of fun).

For my warrior, Mining offers the following perks:
  • A stamina bonus similar to all other professions
  • Access to the materials I need for early gear (via Blacksmithing)
  • A great way to make money

HA! You're reading the blog of a guy who is levelling his ninth class to 80 - did you really expect a verdict?

The current thought is Enchanting / Mining - this combination allows me to source materials for early gear, while making money hand over fist on excess materials. Dropping Enchanting is more likely, as I do not currently have the funds to support a tradeskill grind via the Auction house. If, however, I can make 100,000 gold before the end of Wrath, I may change my mind.

Any advice or criticism of my analysis? What tradeskills would you choose in my position?

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