Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the Warrior Class

My warrior is now level 65 (or level 705 as I like to call it) and is currently shredding up the psychedelic zone of Zangamarsh. Dividing time between Random Dungeons and questing is paying off in spades.

The plan is to skip Terrokar Forest and head straight to Nagrand; a Talbuk as soon as possible is the goal. Kodos are the worst mounts in the game.

My current feelings about the Warrior class are almost all positive. The single gripe is rage starvation, which can be attributed to my gear and level. In fact, this is the first character I've actually struggled with; racking up 8 deaths in Hellfire Peninsula. Some might call that a detriment; for me it's simply awesome - there are few remaining challenges in World of Warcraft.

Proper evaluation of the class must wait until both PVE and PVP are tackled properly. I must admit that this time, I might not be (as) disappointed.

Those who know me personally will roll their eyes at this point; every single class I've levelled (except Rogue) is always going to be my next main. This blog stands as evidence to the contrary.

Life is hard.

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